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Siberian Husky Dog THOR

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Gender: Female
Age: 39
Last Activity: 50 month(s) ago
Location: Auburn, New York
Country: United States

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Dog, Mix: pug, doxie, beagle + terrier

Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)
Chinchilla, Drak Grey

CoCo (RIP)
Chinchilla, Mix between beige and grey

Chinchilla, Silver

Chinchilla, Beige

Dog, White German Shepherd

Dog, Siberian Husky


Nickname Boo, Doodle, BugaBoo
Species Dog
Breed Siberian Husky
Pet Clubs: Against Puppymills
Gender Male
Hometown AUBURN
Country United States
Zipcode 13021
Birthdate 2007-04-09
Weight 80 lbs
Favorite Activity Sleeping in the people bed, minus the people of course!
Favorite Park I love Hoopes Park, they have a pond w/ ducks!!!
Favorite Food People Food! Pizza Crust!
Favorite Treat Snausages and Pupcorn!!! Greenies too!
Favorite Toy Sticks and real bones! My red puppy and squeaky newspaper too!
Favorite Shows The commercial w/ the squeaking vacuums!
Favorite Movies 8 Below, of course!
Best Trick Sitting and shaking on command! Giving kisses!
Worst Trick Digging holes in the backyard & getting dirty, licking the walls & floors, even carpet
Favorite Moments All of them so far!!!
Embarassing Moments Passing gas when I go up stairs
Likes Mom, Treats, Going for Rides
Dislikes I hate hate hate the vacuum! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
My First Day Home Mom and dad drove 3 hours to the kennel to see puppies... they chose me out of 12 other puppies... I was the biggest and hairest puppy... it was love at first sight!
Awards Momma's Boy
Bio I am a big baby... I love to be held, but I am so heavy that mom almost topples over when she picks me up. But I love to be rocked in her arms.
About Me I just turned 10! WOW! Mom calls me "the old man" LOL!

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THOR's Blogs

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Aug 10, 2007 Busy Week 1 Comments
Jul 04, 2007 Happy 4th! 3 Comments
May 31, 2007 Trainer Experience 2 Comments
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Posted By: Shansai 2011/04/22 10:39:10 AM
My dog is a siberian husky too.... :)

Posted By: 2007/12/18 06:03:51 AM
Mama didn't even brought me 2 meet a thing called the Easter Bunny this year, Costumes freak me out !! I hate Holloween, all the scary costumes freak me out !! BOL

Posted By: 2007/12/18 06:02:19 AM
Don't feel 2 bad Thor..mama brought me 2 meet santa 2 years ago, and I growled at him !! The Sant Suit Freaked me out big time, mama hasn't brought me 2 meet santa since !! BOL

Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/12/18 12:10:28 AM
Hey man just wanted to see how you've been.

Posted By: max 2007/12/10 11:13:35 PM
yeah you are so right thor buddy you are getting big now i am sure huh your pal forever and ever max p.s. sorry it took me so long to right back to you.

Posted By: Shadow 2007/12/02 09:53:40 PM
YES, I did get Turkey for Thanksgiving, YUM YUM. I will eat meat any day.

Posted By: 2007/11/19 05:57:30 AM
I know..PetSmart is way too over Priced !! Mama can buy me things at Petco, for cheaper !! Ofc...mama buys most of my bones/toys, from Walmart for less than Petco & PetSmart !! BOL

Posted By: 2007/11/12 08:06:46 PM
The place where mama takes be only charges $45 for an 8 week obedience course !! { My obedience instructor actually owns the place too !!!, Really nice man !!! Gives me treats sometimes !! BOL }

Posted By: 2007/11/12 08:04:52 PM
I know the PetSmart where we live, wanted $99 for an 8 week obedience course !! { Mama and I don't go there though }

Posted By: THOR 2007/10/24 01:07:55 AM
YAY! We have internet again!!! Now mom can petster all she needs to :)

Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/09/02 10:18:12 AM
Wow u wont be to much smaller than me. My mom says something like that to but hers is, the bigger the better.

Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/08/17 10:07:04 PM
Hey Thor! Thanks for the welcoming. I hope I can meet some new big dog friends on here. Talk to you later!

Posted By: 2007/08/12 02:00:39 PM
Awwwie, CoCo is a cute name !!!, a friend of mamas has a chocolate colored rabbit names CoCo !!, and White rabbit named Brier Rose !!!

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:25:17 AM
If the new baby Chin is a girl...You could always name her...Thora { More feminine version of Thor !!!! ROTFBOL }

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:23:17 AM
*Grrrr*...Ashes comment was SUPPOSED TO BE FROM ME !!!!!

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:22:37 AM
Heres my doggyspace link, in case ur interested in joining.....http://www.doggyspaces.com/nicky/

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:21:19 AM
Theres another really cool site for dogs too...doggyspaces.com

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:20:39 AM
Yeah...Dogster has chat room { well...IMing anyway !! }

Posted By: 2007/08/12 03:12:33 AM
*Smiling* I know ur an uncle !!! { I read the blog !! } Congrats !! ...Any names picked out yet ? BOL

Posted By: 2007/08/11 03:10:52 PM
Ohh My !!!...You sure are gettin' big Thor !!!! Soon u be as big { If not bigger } than I am !!! BOL

Posted By: 2007/07/23 11:16:40 PM
I havent run amok like that since !!!...Even though, I do get away from mommy every once in a while, if I see a rabbit/squirral to chase !!

Posted By: 2007/07/23 11:15:03 PM
Thats how mommy and grandma found out that I hate the water hose

Posted By: 2007/07/23 11:14:34 PM
I meant the SPRING of '06

Posted By: 2007/07/23 11:14:11 PM
I'm not much for gettin' dirty...Even though the sring of '06 I did manage to get away from granny and Run amok in a really muddy field !!

Posted By: 2007/07/23 12:43:15 AM
Just stoppin' by to send a Vote your way !!!

Posted By: Paris 2007/07/19 12:50:28 AM
I love your blue eyes and you look so cuddly and soft!

Posted By: 2007/07/19 12:05:10 AM
I dont mind the sprinklers, i love to try to eat the water as its falling down !!!...But I hated the 1 one time mama tried to give me a bath with a hose !!!

Posted By: 2007/07/17 06:26:06 PM
Yeesh !!!...Mama once tried to give me a bath with a garden hose...I got all mad !!! I hate baths !

Posted By: 2007/07/16 11:06:56 PM
I hate getting baths !!, Ugggh, and mommy says in the next few weeks, shes bringging me 2 PetSmart for a bath/grooming !!!!.Uggghh, I HATE BATHS !

Posted By: 2007/07/16 11:05:21 PM
Yeesh !! How many baths a week do u get ? BOL

Posted By: 2007/07/16 01:52:37 AM
Stay Cool !!...Mommy has the A/C runnung here in our apartment too !!! And she has a fan setting on the flor by my bed too !! BOL

Posted By: 2007/07/16 01:51:36 AM
Awwie, u should tell u momma to get u a dogster acct !!, if not...you'll STILL be my friend no matter what !!!! BOL

Posted By: Chuck Norris 2007/07/15 11:14:22 PM
Thank you very much. You are quite the cutie

Posted By: 2007/07/15 02:37:48 PM
Btw...How u been ?...u enjoying the heat ?...I know I'm not, I dont get 2 go on many walks when its hot out !!! BOL

Posted By: 2007/07/15 02:36:46 PM
Heres my Dogster Profile......://www.dogster.com/dogs/583957

Posted By: 2007/07/15 02:36:23 PM
Hey Thor !!!...I'm curious, Do u have a dogster acct ?

Posted By: Ice 2007/07/10 11:42:56 PM
Yup, I'm handling the heat well ;3 I'm in the house most of the time though o;

Posted By: Sierra Mist 2007/07/10 03:58:17 PM
Heheh thanks cutie!

Posted By: Suka 2007/07/10 03:57:43 PM
Thank you Thor! You are so cute!

Posted By: 2007/07/10 02:48:23 AM
But...I still totally hate that vacume cleaner !!...it sounds like a big scary monster !!...Mama keeps threatening me with it too !!...She says shes gonna take the vacume to my fur { Instead of brushing me !! BOL }

Posted By: 2007/07/10 02:46:43 AM
But...The firecrackers on the 4th were a bit much 4 me !!...I like thunderstorms better that I like firecrackers !!

Posted By: 2007/07/10 02:45:36 AM
I'm ok with Sirens going by !!...mama says its actually kinda cute when I hear them, cuz I do the whole head tilt thingy ! {I tilt my head to 1 side !! }

Posted By: 2007/07/07 03:03:13 PM
Wow! you sure are getting bigger....hope your house training is going better than mine:(

Posted By: Fade 2007/07/06 01:36:17 AM
omd! you are totally adorable. want to be friends?

Posted By: 2007/07/05 08:36:04 PM
Yeah we know !!!...We hate being caged, but There was no more room 4 us left 2 run around on the floor with the other kitties !!

Posted By: 2007/07/05 08:33:11 PM
I was a lil' freaked out by the fireworks last nite...N=But it was mainly the loud 1s that went BOOM !!!!

Posted By: 2007/07/05 11:38:57 AM
He he lol mommy tought it would hold 50 max.. but she started to load more and more and they started to come in, so i guess there is no limit.

Posted By: Jasper 2007/07/02 08:09:42 PM
Mom says sorry but with work she is so busy. She needs to have surgery on Friday so give her a call and maybe next week she will be up to taking me tot he park.

Posted By: Ice 2007/06/30 02:48:33 AM
You're welcome :D As I always say *steals Ashley's saying (hehe)* "There's no hiding the truth."

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/06/30 02:02:17 AM
Stop trying to bite my butt... silly puppy

Posted By: Ice 2007/06/28 04:21:43 PM
Thanks :D You're a handsome husky ;3

Posted By: THOR 2007/06/11 10:30:11 PM
I went swimming for the first time yesterday! The cold water felt sooooo good and mom say I am an excellent swimmer... of course I am a natural w/ the doggy paddle :)

Posted By: 2007/06/11 05:51:16 PM
so glad to hear that, I was a little worried:)

Posted By: 2007/06/08 11:14:14 PM
Hey there Cutie !!!...Hows it goin' ?

Posted By: Princess 2007/06/06 04:46:38 PM
hehe i know i likw the snow more

Posted By: Princess 2007/06/05 02:42:20 PM

Posted By: 2007/06/05 08:03:53 AM
I just want to bark and growl at the rabbits....and eat their poop,yum:)

Posted By: Shadow 2007/06/03 04:15:23 PM
Thanks for coming over to play. It was nice to meet you. You're the first puppy I've seen since I left the shelter. Come over again so we can play.

Posted By: 2007/06/03 02:58:51 PM
I like to pretend i'm big and scary. lol

Posted By: Jasper 2007/05/31 05:23:50 PM
How is Sunday afternoon?

Posted By: 2007/05/30 02:24:12 PM
from one puppy to another ur cute and fluffy:)

Posted By: Lady Keesie 2007/05/30 11:22:48 AM
Yes, I am VERY fluffy and pretty big. You are a tiny little thing, but you are a cute puppy.

Posted By: ♥Bubbles♥ 2007/05/25 12:44:32 PM
awww your soooo cute~!~

Posted By: 2007/05/25 12:47:43 AM
Jasmine is also afraid of thunderstorms too !!

Posted By: 2007/05/25 12:46:56 AM
MOL !!...Don't feel to bad Thor !!...Jasmine hates the Vacume cleaner !!, She thinks its a big scary monster that she has to destroy at all costs !!!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/05/23 08:41:31 PM
Welcome to the neighborhood cuz. I hope to meet you soon.

Posted By: 2007/05/22 12:03:17 AM
I guess thats why she fell in love with ME !! { I'm half Husky, and half Austrailian Shepherd ! } Mamas 2 most favorite breeds rolled into ONE dog !!!! BOL }

Posted By: 2007/05/22 12:01:59 AM
My mama totally loves Huskies !!!...they're 1 of her favorite breeds !!, And so are Austrailian Shepherds

Posted By: 2007/05/22 12:00:42 AM
I love to sleep where ever my mama is sleeping/resting !{ Sometimes I even try sleeping on top of her...Doesn't really work that way though, Considering I weigh 68 pounds !! BOL }

Posted By: 2007/05/21 10:48:20 PM
Awwwie !!!...Ur so cute !!!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/05/21 07:29:59 PM
Hi Thor you are a dollbaby Mom says she is in LOVE!!! Kisssssss!

Posted By: Jasper 2007/05/21 05:41:51 PM
Mommy said she will come over as soon as she can. She said maybe sometime she can bring me and we can play :)

Posted By: Princess 2007/05/21 02:04:46 PM
Aww your so cute!!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/05/20 11:53:17 PM
Welcome to Petster! Glad to have another baby in the house!

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